Hench-Kin's Guild 101

1) We normally meet at the Halifax Central Library on the first Wednesday of every month (5 pm – 8:30 pm, BMO Room) and the last Saturday of every month (11 am – 5 pm, Room 301). There is no admission fee, but there is an age limit of 14+. We also occasionally work with local cons to host RPGs. I refer to those as “sidequests” because I’m a giant nerd. ;-)

2) Most of our games are one-shots with pre-generated characters. We do not generally do advance sign-up for games, it’s show up and play. Click Game System Profiles to see descriptions of some our our favourite games!

3) As a player, we recommend bringing dice, paper, or snacks, but we’ll certainly accommodate anyone who is lacking these things!

4) We create Facebook events for every meeting. However, our FB group is slightly broken and will not actually invite group members unless they are on the friend lists of the event organizers. We do post reminders about the events frequently to overcome this. Events are also posted on the Obsidian Portal home site.

5) Scheduled games are largely worked out in discussion threads in our Facebook group, the Hench-Kin’s Guildhall. If you want to run a game, join into the discussion! Alternately, email us at henchkinsguild@gmail.com.

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Hench-Kin's Guild 101

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