Hench-Kin's Guild of Halifax

February 2018 PREVIEW


Our next meeting will take place on Saturday Feb 24th, from 11 AM to 5 PM in Room 301 of the Halifax Central Library. A list of the scheduled games is provided below. Click on the links to see a profile of that game system written by a Hench-Kin’s GM!

One-Shot Sessions

  • A Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition) one-shot will be run by Matt O. The GM notes that this will feature pre-generated 13th level characters and will focus heavily on solving puzzles.

Ongoing Drop-In Campaigns

  • The Numenera drop-in will continue under the GM Chris S. Will the adventurers master the Numenera, or fall victim to it?
  • Lovecraftian horror meets 1920s pulpy action in Matt’s ongoing Call of Cthulhu drop-in campaign.



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